Dreams Las Mareas Resort and Spa Playa El Jobo in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica is a tranquil fishing village nestled on a small peninsula in the northwestern corner of Guanacaste, a province not far from the border of Nicaragua. This relatively unknown paradise is easily one of Costa Rica’s most secluded beaches. The El Jobo Peninsula is surrounded on three sides by picturesque outcroppings.

El Jobo remained undiscovered by the millions of tourists. Those who did happen across this secret tropical hideaway could spend hours on the beach without meeting another tourist. Most tourists that visited the area did so for windsurfing and kitesurfing on Salinas Bay and Bahia Salinas.

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Even today, the strong winds make the area, in general, an excellent place for windsurfing enthusiasts year-round—although November through March is the best.

Things To Do In and Around Playa El Jobo

Route 935 is one road that takes visitors from Playa El Jobo to docks where charter boats take them to Salinas Bay (19 kilometers) and Santa Elena (21 kilometers). For those looking for a little more adventure, a few other routes connect El Jobo to other secluded beaches further away. The resort is the largest resort hotel in Playa El Jobo, with around 450 rooms or so.

This lovely resort sits on a privately owned beach called El Jobo Beach, said to be the most beautiful beach in El Jobo.

The beach features soft light cocoa-colored sand with tree-covered hillsides surrounding it and the resort, unlike other beaches. The wind is diminished by the trees, making Dreams Las Mareas Resort and Spa El Jobo Beach one of the famous beaches in the region.

Another thing that makes the Dreams Las Mareas Resort and Spa in Playa El Jobo unique is how the architects designed it not to overtake the natural surroundings—its presence is in harmony with nature. While other resorts can be found near El Jobo, this newly built resort is the newest and most seclusive on in the area. It follows the nation’s ecologically consciousness since Costa Rica is most likely one of the greenest countries in the Americas.


Several nature reserves, national parks, and mountainous regions provide nature lovers plenty to do outdoors. One such place is the Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge, approximately 13 and a half kilometers away from Playa El Jobo. The refuge is home to the Junquillal Beach Campsite, which has pretty good ratings, according to Google Maps.

You also have Guanacaste National Park (16 kilometers via Route 935) and a national park named Santa Rosa (40 kilometers via Route 1). The Junquillal Refuge protects the coastal area, as well as the plant and animal life inhabiting the mangroves. As for Guanacaste National Park, it’s meant to preserve the Orosi Volcano and that tropical dry forest surrounding it.

To the south of El Lobo, Santa Rosa is thought to be one of Costa Rica’s most valuable national parks, as it protects countless forms of wildlife, marine habitat, mangroves, and dry forest. It is a significant nesting site for sea turtles.

monkeys on the treeby Dreams Las Mareas

Despite the Dreams Las Mareas Resort attracting more visitors to Playa El Jobo than in years past, the small fishing village maintains a quaint, small-town atmosphere. Additionally, you will only find several professionally operated tourist businesses such as Canopy Tour-Zipline (located near the resort), snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, four-wheeler tours, rock wall climbing, horseback riding, among others—most of which are near the resort.

How It Feels In Playa El Jobo

Weather in Guanacaste is hot and dry for the most part, making this part of Costa Rican forests merely tropical rather than subtropical. During the day time hours, you can expect to experience temperatures ranging in the 80s and lower to 90s. During the evening hours, temperatures drop down to low and mid-70s.

As with most tropical climates, Guanacaste experiences rainy seasons that start in May and generally end in November. Nevertheless, the heavier rainfall takes place only from September through October. Even then, storms don’t usually last that long—about one or two hours.

Thus, when traveling to this part of the world, prepare yourself for a tropical environment with unpredictable weather conditions.

While this area is relatively unknown, it won’t stay that way for long. Be sure you plan a trip to Dreams Las Mareas Resort and Spa soon so you can enjoy its serenity.


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